Product safety

Innovating to ensure product safety

Tamper Protection   Intelligent Coding   Track and Trace
Tamper protection to help ensure your products are safe   Intelligent coding to embed critical information on your products   Track and Trace software
to help you always know where your products are
Every manufacturing and distribution system contains vulnerabilities to tampering.
Markem-Imaje can identify creative ways to mark your products with laser and inkjet technology to protect your consumers from product contamination..
Counterfeiting continues to threaten major brands, especially in developing countries.
Markem-Imaje can provide 2D barcode symbology, enabling you to encrypt detailed security information to track your products, protect their authenticity and share vital information with consumers.

Increasingly, manufacturers require automated traceability.
Markem-Imaje can provide scalable CoLOS® software, enabling you to track your production flow with a unique ID from product to pallet, giving you the visibility you need to isolate problems.

Permanent Marking   Coding Security   Product Authenticity
Permanent marking to ensure readability by your consumer   Coding security to visually guarantee error-free coding   Product authenticity to genetically prove it is your product
Markem-Imaje can deliver the right ink chemistry combined with our continuous inkjet printers to deliver high quality permanent coding that will satisfy your consumer, mitigate diversion of your products and protect your brand.   Markem-Imaje Mark & Read vision systems can help ensure that the right product is in the right package, and the right code is printed every time. This significantly reduces the risk of costly recalls and damage to brand equity.   At Markem-Imaje, we partner to deliver a guaranteed ink solution for authenticity by combining DNA with our continuous inkjet inks to help eliminate counterfeiting and product diversion during distribution.
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