Pallet Tracking

Pallet Tracking

Increase the speed and accuracy of your pallet labeling

Enable your digital supply chain while increasing the speed and accuracy of your pallet labeling with Pallet Tracking

Faced with demands to facilitate greater supply chain transparency for your customers, you need to ensure your coding is correct, compliant and costeffective. At the pallet stage, labeling is often manual and prone to error. Stock also piles up in production areas given the time it takes operators to process the required data and release the pallets. You need an intelligent solution that cost-effectively optimizes this end-of-line activity to provide you greater accuracy and speed.

Our Pallet Tracking solution, part of the Packaging Intelligence offer, automates pallet labeling and establishes unique, fully GS1-compliant pallet identities. Our market-leading information management system, CoLOS®, ensures your stock enters inventory faster and you benefit from improved inventory data management and the ability to execute better targeted recalls. It also helps ensure product compliance and easily integrates with the rest of our best-inclass equipment, as well as third-party information systems* and hardware.

*For example: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), WMS (Warehouse Management Systems).

Enable pallet labeling automation to improve line efficiency, inventory control and traceability


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