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Priority to flexibility

Spumador, an Italian company specializing in mineral water and fizzy soft drinks, wanted to improve the efficiency and safety of its production process. To help achieve this, it opted for SMILE, Markem-Imaje's all-inclusive service program.

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Tamp blow applicator: Providing fresh impetus

Combined with our 2200 Series print & apply labeling systems, the tamp blow applicator is ideal for identifying bottle packs in complete safety. Click and find out!

Tamp blow applicator: Providing fresh impetus

Optimizing uptime

  • Label stock rolls and ribbons are 660 m long as against the market standard of 450 m, resulting in a 25% reduction in downtime.
  • Consumable set-up is simplified so that operators can change labels and ribbons in synchronized mode, in less than 40 seconds.
  • Label application rate can be as high as 125 cases/minute, regardless of substrate and positioning.


Optimized application

  • As labels are "blown", there is practically no contact with the product, removing any risk of damaging fragile packaging.
  • Label adhesion is excellent on corrugate or uneven substrates such as film-wrapped bottle packs.
  • Labels can be applied either on the sides or top of products and are perfectly positioned, even on low trays.


Compliant printing

  • The 2200 Series prints labels in compliancy with GS1-128 standard with grade A and B barcodes, even at the fastest application speeds.
  • Print data integrity is ensured via easy connection with corporate database and CoLOS software solutions.
  • Selecting labels to be printed is easy via the color touch screen and the intuitive user interface.

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GS1-128: High-speed pack identification

Increasingly, major retail and foodservice outlets are pressing suppliers to use the GS1-128 international coding standard to automate depot management. With the 2200 Series solution, Markem-Imaje offers bottlers the possibility to print and apply labels at high speed on their packs, even on the front side!

Although no law requires the GS1-128 standard to be respected, major retail and foodservice outlets highly recommend its implementation to automate management of depots and flow of goods. Beyond supply chain optimization, the standard provides traceability for each product, a measure which is now essential in the wake of recent health scandals. Automation has taken off in the UK, is growing in France with the explosion of drive-throughs and should become generalized in the US in 2015. Based on stringent specifications - position on packaging, content described by a GS1-128 barcode, SSCC, minimum readability grade etc. - GS1-128 helps identify supply chain units in standardized fashion (pallets, packs, wrapping films).

A dedicated pack solution
The recommended solution needs labels to be printed and applied since direct coding cannot be read on transparent films. In addition, labels must have strong adhesion on the corrugated or uneven surfaces of can or bottle packs. Compatible with the GS1-128 standard regardless of substrate, the Series 2200 systems from Markem-Imaje are perfectly suited to bottlers' production processes; this is particularly true when fitted with the brand new high-speed label applicator High Speed Flex which makes it possible to apply labels on the front face of wrapping film without having to swivel the pack. Featuring an electric design, this innovative solution applies labels constantly without the need for operational adjustments. 
2200 systems have already widely proved themselves in terms of reliability and efficacy. Their 660-meter label rolls and synchronized 40-second changes of ribbons and label rolls save up to 2 days of production a year. When installed in tandem, 2200 systems even completely eliminate line shut-downs for replacing ribbons and labels. And if coding needs are updated, all that is required is for the printhead -and not the whole system- to be changed. 
In addition, CoLOS Enterprise software makes it possible to link, manage and control all coders. This optimization process enables automated message selection, provides secure data integrity, reduces human input and ensures direct connection to corporate ERP systems.
Increases in throughput, reduction in costs… for results in line with GS1-128 standard criteria.
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Exchange or repair?

Two fast and efficient repair services to help you keep your line going…

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Kingsland Wines & Spirits: from vine to label

  • Kingsland Wines and Spirits is Britain’s

    premier independent supplier of wines and spirits.

    Based near Manchester, the company has a headcount of

    over 300 employees.

  • Product quality is essential for Kingsland

    whose prime mission is to ensure close and

    long-standing relationships with its customers.

  • To enhance product quality, Kingsland chose Markem-Imaje

    to implement on-line labeling of its outer packs.

  • The exceptional 560 m length of label and ribbon rolls

    has reduced line stoppages by 25%.

  • On its fastest line, Kingsland uses two 2200 Series

    for increased line efficiency as it allows an automatic changeover

    to be made without operator intervention.

  • Kingsland has chosen Markem-Imaje’s CoLOS Enterprise software

    to design, store and download label information safely.

  • All 2200 Series systems are linked to Kingsland’s computer business system. Productions are securely launched from a central point with a minimum of human intervention.

  • Markem-Imaje’s new solution has enabled

    Kingsland Wines and Spirits to gain

    in flexibility, efficiency and quality.

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Plant extension in China

Present in China since 1989, Markem-Imaje inaugurated the extension of its assembly plant building of FengXian, near Shanghai, on December 12, 2013. This new extension should accompany the expected 15% annual growth of the Chinese market. Today, Markem-Imaje already makes more than 10% of its sales in China. The site, which currently employs about 100 people, will see its production progressively evolve from 7,000 to 15,000 printers per year. These printers will mainly be for China and, to a lesser extent, for all the other countries of the Asia-Pacific zone. In addition to large international firms, Markem-Imaje already works for major Chinese groups like the confectionery producer Want Want, the brewer TsingTao or the dairy product manufacturer Mengniu Dairy.

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